It’s officially summer, which means the salmon are running in Alaska’s Katami National Park which means the local brown bears are poking around there to eat them which means the BearCam is back up for the season. I just watched for like three minutes and I saw a bear!



If the hot bear action is not enough, you can switch to the underwater cam and watch for poor, unsuspecting migrating salmon. (They’re harder to see, but they’re there, see ‘em?)

If you see a bear you particularly want to remember, you can use the webcam’s tool to take photo. A higher quality image is immediately snapped and shared to the social media outlet of choice. Although after I took this photo of my new friend I didn’t really want to share it with anyone, since it felt like such a special moment.


I mean, it’s no Condor Cam, but it’ll do nicely for the summer.



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