Beautiful Maps Will Change How You Look At The World

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Sadly, the Oxford English Dictionary has yet to accept ‘cartophile’ as the official term for a map-lover (though Urban Dictionary has no such qualms). But even if the title lacks the linguistic seal of approval, there’s no doubt that maps can be lust-worthy objects.

Dennys Hess’s aptly-named Beatiful Maps Tumblr is a fantastic illustration of everything that maps can be: intricately detailed and hand-drawn, wonderfully minimalistic computer renderings, or masterpieces of user-friendly design — and everything in between.

There’s probably room here for a think-piece on how maps are a metaphor for humanity’s quest to make sense of its surroundings; but I’d rather you go see for yourself. Hess has curated a collection that really shows the depth and breadth of cartography, and everything it can be. I remember getting lost in my parents’ old Times Atlas Of The World as a kid; it’s been a whilse since I felt the same sense of awe. [Beautiful Maps via SwissMiss]

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