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Game of Thrones' Dothraki tongue is just one of many fictional language's created by David Peterson - but it might just be one of his most popular. Now you can start learning some conversational Dothraki for yourself through a new mobile app. Athdavrazar!


The app, intended to be a companion for Peterson's new Dothraki language course and upcoming book, comes with a whole host of learning aides to get you speaking conversational Dothraki like you're one of the Khalasar in no time - 300+ vocabulary flash cards, word games, a summary of common Dothraki grammatical rules and even a practice conversation for you to test your new found skills on.

Although Dothraki still has a long way to go in terms of becoming a fully fledged language (compare its 4,000-ish words to the roughly quarter of a million in English, for example), it's amazing to see how rapidly it's evolved thanks to Peterson's work on the show. Considering there's High Valyrian as well, it's not the only language he's written for Game of Thrones either! That's a lot of linguistics for 4 years of TV.

The Dothraki Companion is available now on the iOS app store, for $3.99 - there is unfortunately not an android version available. If you want to take an even deeper dive into Dothraki, Peterson's book, Living Language: Dothraki, is available now in the US, and as of next week in the UK. It is known!


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