Patagonia Beer: Apparently Drinking and Hiking Actually Go Together

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If beer is at the center of your back to nature excursion things may not go . . . entirely according to plan. Safety first, people. But that isn't stopping the rugged and cozy masters at Patagonia from partnering with New Belgium Brewing to put out some branded lager.


"California Route Organic Lager," created for Patagonia's 40th anniversary, shouts out nature in a bunch of ways. The beer is made from all organic ingredients at a brewery powered by wind, and is packaged in aluminum cans that can be recycled and go through another round of production in as little as 60 days. The limited edition run is pretty small so Patagonia isn't expecting any type of major distribution. The company says it would like to go big with the beer, but it's too busy making outdoors gear. Apparently beer blankets can't actually replace parkas. Yet. [Patagonia via GearJunkie]



Funny.. Patagonia Beer already existed in Argentina, made by brewery Quilmes. is their site. Another thing: during the classic spring cycling tours in Belgium there is plenty of lore of cyclists mobbing bars at the bottom of notorious hills, for a quick Duvel (one of the many strong heady beers available in Belgium and elsewhere) to survive the climb to the top. Usually these stories have some truth in them so, why not enjoy a beer before you go tramping. But, as any excess is harmful, be warned.