Being Human rediscovers its banter sweet spot

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Last night's Being Human was a fantastic return to all things bantery and beautiful. This is the US Being Human we want! All three monsters were given hearty helpings of fantastic dialogue topped by interesting dilemmas. We even liked Aidan's strange new delusions. Plus, the two dead girls from the skinless Henry party were pretty fun, in a morbid dead girl way.

Spoilers ahead!

First up, I gotta tip my imaginary hat to Sally. The audience has gained so much from zombifiying this lady. I'm much more interested in Sally's real world mistakes than her spiritual ones. Plus, girl got all the great lines this episode and fucking delivered. Virtual high five to actress actress Meaghan Rath. This is your moment. True, there might be an infinitely more interesting plot debacle for you to untangle down the road, but you delivered the goods to my living room last night. And by goods I mean the peppery lines that the writers penned for you (which I believe was Chris Dingess). Fuck and yes this dialogue. Let me go through some favorites



  • "Is this the right cloth?" *sees dead body* "Daaaaooooo ho ho!"
  • Ghost Mom: "I can take a hint." Sally: "Can you though?"
  • "Max I'm leaning in here."

Pair that with the fact that Sally's character is a total nightmare and you've got Michael Jackson Pop Corn Eating TV material right there. Poor girl is dispersing every ghost she meets at her very ghost-filled job at the funeral home. Why? Because everyone she helps with her powers she hurts — makes sense. But perhaps it's not all on the up and up, because happy people very rarely have sex in the viewing rooms of funeral homes. But it did allow the Ghost Mom to deliver this line to her new love interest: "What are you going to tell Max, that [his] mother was inside you after he was?" Nicely done Ghost Mom. In the end Sally gave up the ghost. Hopefully her ghost whispering days aren't over just yet.


Josh and Nora took a bit of a backseat, and that's quite alright. I really dislike the fact that these two were saddled with a werepuppy for no real reason other than additional drama. It's the baby rule: no drama, add a baby. Oops everyone hates the baby. That being said, Liam is pretty rad. It was fun watching him literally sniff around Josh and crack his neck like some giant wolf Daddy. The uneasy peace between these three characters is captivating. More Liam please.

And finally Aidan and his inexplicable new hallucinations. Whatever, these ladies are hilarious. He can manage the balance of torture and humor so it works. It is kind of annoying that these two were brought in this season and can only be justified by the fact that Aidan hallucinates after spending a bunch of time underground. However, it's high time Aidan paid for his mistakes. Good. Also this was kind of an adorable moment for Aidan to geek out about classic horror movies with the bubble boy. Henry (who is MOST CERTAINLY STILL ALIVE YOU'RE NOT FOOLING ME SYFY) is going to be pissed when he spies his replacement.


In conclusion, hooray the cute monster kids are back and being adorable. We missed you guys!

Additional Thoughts:

"Hey Angel face!" - I bet 1,000 doll hairs this was improved. Perfect.

There is no game I would rather play than guess what's in the sandwich. That is the best game ever created, the end.