Being Human shows you how vampire Aidan was born

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I think Being Human has finally got its groove back! Last night's episode had ghosts, witches, family run-ins, historical vampire hair cuts and lots and lots of sass. This is the kind of supernatural soap we want fellas.

A whole lotta drama happend on Being Human's "What's Blood Got To Do With it Episode," but more importantly, the banter is back and in full effect. Enjoy.


I wanted to hug the TV after "that cream is communal."

But it wasn't all quips and shots of Aidan turning his head to the side, while Josh frets, hands-on-hips in the corner and Sally coos to her new man toy. Everyone was dealt a pretty painful plot blow this week. Josh's new puppy poisons his best friend, Sally almost kills her brother and Aidan almost dies (and reveals how he was made).

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Bad dog

We all knew this werepup was no good, so this betrayal isn't that surprising. However, the manner in which she decides to poison Aidan is very clever indeed. No silly lures or traps, just simple weapons made out of the things you have around you. Your werewolf blood. It's nice to see a show play with its own rules in smart little ways that lend a bit of reality to a very supernatural series. So the pup poisons the vampire. Look — we all know Aidan isn't going to die because this:

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But it's fun to pretend. Moving on to Sally — wow, her brother. Sally runs into what I'm going to assume is her real life brother in the real world because damn if he didn't he look like her in a boy wig with bigger shoulders. Oh wait, I just googled it and the first response said that this was, IN FACT her real life brother. So done researching that bit. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Sally obviously doesn't want her REAL brother to die (there was a connection there did you feel it, let's hope there's more of this guy later). So she makes a deal with the evil witch for her soul. Too easy? You betcha. Would I do the same for my sibling? In a zombie heartbeat. Fair enough. Part of said witch deal was that in exchange for Sally's brother's protection and the ability to see old people in her life without killing them, the witch can do whatever the hell she wants with Sally's soul. It was a pretty brutal moment.


And yet, not even the saddest moment of the episode. On to Aidan. Bishop came back with along with a classic historical vampire haircut in an amazing flashback with not-so-amazing accents to show us how Aidan was made. I forgive all accent issues (see above picture). Also, Aidan was depressingly creepy during his first kill. We've all seen these things a hundred times before, human becomes vampire, new vampire is horrified at his blood lust. But to watch Aidan soothe his victim with the repetitive "don't be frightened" yammerings that were more for himself and less for his victim was creepy. Fun. More of that.

And that's it for this week. Let's hope next week Aidan kills a werepup.




I watched a few episodes of the USA Being Human, but it just doesn't stand up to the UK version.