Belkin Debuts Line of Cases for 2nd-Gen iPod Nano, Video

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Belkin has officially introduced a eight cases for the 2nd generation iPod nano and video that were released last week. They cover all different types and styles of the cases including acrylic, flip-top hard, neoprene, armband, slider and even a kickstand case. The prices range from $14.99 and up. Hit the jump to see the official list of all of the models with prices.

• Acrylic Case for iPod nano (F8Z116) - $29.99; video (F8Z115) - $29.99
• Flip-Top Hard Case for iPod nano (F8Z124) - $14.99; video (F8Z123) - $19.99
• Neoprene Holster for iPod nano (F8Z124) - $14.99; video (F8Z123) - $19.99
• Canvas Flip Case for iPod nano (F8Z120 and F8Z117) - $19.99
• Canvas Holster Case for iPod nano (F8Z119) - $19.99; video (F8Z118) - $24.99
• Sports Armband for iPod nano (F8Z105) - $24.99; video (F8Z095) - $29.99
• Slider Case for iPod nano (F8Z084) - $29.99
• Kickstand II (F8Z112) - $29.99

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