Belkin Grommet-Hole USB Hubs, iPod Dock: Genius!

Illustration for article titled Belkin Grommet-Hole USB Hubs, iPod Dock: Genius!

You know those grommet holes that are found in damn near every desk, but are rarely used? Well, Belkin put on their thinking cap and has designed a USB hub and iPod dock that will fit in the grommet holes perfectly. There are two different types of USB hubs, the regular In-Desk USB Hub and the angled Front-Access In-Desk USB Hub. The In-Desk Dock will conveniently dock any iPod with the bottom dock adapter. All three of the grommet accessories will available soon for $40 each. And if you still actually use your grommet holes for wires and such, these accessories still allow wires to be fed through. Bravo, Belkin. I would have never thought I would get this excited over USB hubs and iPod docks.


[Via EverythingUSB]


Makes me wish I had a grommet hole.