Belkin Releases Accessory Line for Samsung Players

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Well I'll be a monkey's blue-assed uncle. It was just a little while ago that we presented our first, exclusive look at the Samsung YP-K5 MP3 player and Belkin already has a line of accessories out for this player. The other Samsung players Belkin will be accessorizing are the T9 and Z5.

For a little vehicular love, Belkin is releasing the TuneCast Auto for the T9. It is a FM transmitter and cigarette lighter charger. Also released is the TuneDok for the Z5. The TuneCast will retail for $49 and the TuneDok will retail for $29. Belkin also released a couple dual charging kits for K5, T9 and Z5. Two easily swappable adapters allow for the players to be synced to a PC via USB, charged via a wall outlet or charged via a cigarette vehicle outlet. The charging kits will retail for $34. Also Belkin is releasing screen overlays for the K5 and T9 players. Pretty basic—thin pieces of plastic overlays to protect the screen from scratches.


Belkin has also released a ton of different cases for the different players. The K5 player will have a convertible case, and a carabiner case. The T9 will have a neoprene armband, lanyard case and sports jacket. And the Z5 will have a sports jacket, folio case and sports jacket lanyard case. All of these cases will retail for $29, except for the sports jacket cases, which will go for $19.

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