Belt Buckle Senses Your Air Rocking (Via Magic Pick)

It looks like Activision is cashing in even more on their lucrative Guitar Hero license. The Air Guitar Rocker by Jada allows you to fake rock without your console.


A belt buckle senses your air rocking (via magic pick) and sends the signal to an accompanying belt pack that both acts 1) as the speaker and 2) allows you to switch between five preloaded songs. We tried Black Sabbath's Iron Man on for size—that's not us in the above video for good reason—because we found that while the song could be played back at variable speeds depending on strumming tempo, I often unintentionally double-strummed (aka, looked like even bigger douchebags than had we been rocking out to "traditional" air guitar on the CES floor). $29.99 this March.



.... so ... that may have been the most terrible thing I've ever seen.