Best Buy Acknowledges the Obvious, Puts Hackintoshed Dell Netbook On Display

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Everyone involved knows exactly why certain Dell netbooks are in such high demand, but nobody can outright say it, officially. That didn't stop one Best Buy—or at least, one of its employees—from coming clean.

That's a fully Mac-ified 16GB Dell Mini 9 (update: actually, it looks like a Mini 10v) on display there, boldly masquerading as a "Windows XP Home" model. It's easy to understand why Dell and Best Buy can't officially market netbooks as Hackintosh machines, but it's nice to see a Best Buy employee so attuned to the needs of his customers. The specific Best Buy location will not be included, so whoever did this—he was just being honest!—doesn't get immediately shitcanned.


Our tipster even shot a bonus video, below, for the skeptics. —Thanks, Amin!