Best Buy iPhone 3G: Buy BS Accessory Package, Geek Squad Will Do What Apple Store Does for Free

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The iPhone 3G is making its Best Buy debut this Sunday, and a copy of the ad you'll see in your local paper confirms that even though Best Buy has the distinction of being the iPhone's first independent US retailer, it'll be the same old Best Buy peddling it. If you buy one of four bullshit accessory packages—going for $106 to $234, according to AppleInsider—Geek Squad will set up your phone and email for free. In other words, something they have to do anyway (activate your phone), and another that's complimentary at the Apple Store or easy enough to do yourself. Thanks, Geek Squad. [Apple Insider]



You all hate on Best Buy and Geek Squad because you have to pay and blah blah blah. reality is Geek Squad is a service, just like people working on your car is a service we don't do it for free. You come to geek squad because you broke your computer because you have a gay porn fetish or because the shit stop working. Look on it from the other side, you honestly think we want to spend time setting up people's email on an iphone when we have 30 PC computers that people are expecting to be done in a manner of a few days. Geek squad agents work their tails off so you people can use your computers. I am not saying we fix every issue 100% because honestly people get crazy ass issues usually because of viruses, but sometimes because of software conflicts. Perfect example I tunes on windows vista can conflict with the CD-drive and make the Icon in my computer disappear. I doubt all of you no how to repair uppers and lowers in the registry. That's why you go to Geek Squad because we do its our job and we expect to get paid for our job. Everyone's job end result is to make money geek squad is no different. As far as the Iphone all it means to me is now besides fixing apple's ipod garbage I will be fixing apples Iphones that are also garbage. just like PC's it is no different you all keep on buying and you all keep on coming to me when you mess it up.