Best Buy Slashing Big-Screen HDTV Prices Next Week

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Since 2009 sales have leaned toward smaller screened HDTVs, meaning less revenue, Best Buy is taking action by slashing prices on HDTVs with screen sizes larger than 39", according to a leaked circular obtained by HDGuru.

A whopping 33 HDTV models are on sale in the August 30th circular, including $1100 off several high-end Samsung LCDs. There are some nice Blu-Ray and stereo packages as well, sometimes up to $1500 off the regular price.


Apparently the start of football season is also the start of the big-screen buying season, although we wonder what Best Buy'll have to cut come Black Friday. Still, if you're in the market for a giant TV, next week might be the time to make the plunge. [HDGuru]