BFG Replica: The 'B' Ain't For Bacon

Not the kind of guy who collects Highlander Edition swords? Neither are we. But this...this is no regular collectible. This gun is Art.

We're talking about the BFG from DOOM/Quake 2/Quake 3 Arena. People still want to know, how did the name evolve from "Big Force Gun" to "Big F*&#;ing Gun"? It's all part of our theory of 'F' Darwinism. Any instance where acronyms contain the letter 'F' will eventually represent the word "fuck". It's only a matter of time, but worry not because it's a good thing. Just consider the common acronyms "FYI" and "TGIF". We're all in for quite a bit of fun, along with this great conversation piece.


Product Page [via coolestgadgets]

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