Bigger and Better TouchPad May Land This August

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Oh Snap. HP may be launching a new glossy, white webOS tablet in August. This new model comes hot on the heels of the original TouchPad which launched last week.


A leaked roadmap and some "closed-door conversations" suggest the new TouchPad could include 64GB of storage and a faster 1.5GHz dual-core processor. The same roadmap also hints at a 32GB version with AT&T's flavor of 4G (HSPA +).

Anyone have a severe case of buyer's remorse? Or did you heed the early reviews that said the TouchPad was laggy and not worthy of your hard-earned cash? [PreCentral]


Ahh i was hoping for a 13" tablet, I don't know if i'd want it but it would have the potential to be an artists best friend + nice battery life.