Image: Gizmodo/Getty
Image: Gizmodo/Getty

While Hillary “Delete Your Account” Clinton might have a nuanced, albeit cringeworthy, understanding of how to utilize social media, the same cannot be said for her husband Bill. The New York Times reports that at a public appearance earlier this week in North Carolina, the former president speculated about the reasons no one likes him anymore:

“We live in a Snapchat-Twitter world,” Mr. Clinton lamented, tilting his head theatrically — a septuagenarian embracing his age, decades after reveling in saxophone cool.

“It’s so much easier,” he said, “just to discredit people and call them names.”

Let’s unpack this for a minute: Bill Clinton is mad about our “Snapchat-Twitter world” because now everyone has a public platform to criticize people. But this is exactly what makes social media so extraordinary: The hot take economy, whether you like it or not, is far more democratic than it was back when Clinton reveled in his “saxophone cool.”


But moreover, while many social media companies provide a platform for name-calling and discrediting people, Snapchat isn’t anyone’s go-to app for talking politics, unless you consider posting lots of banal selfies to be an inherently political act. But sure, ol’ septuagenarian Clinton, blame it on the apps!

Or maybe I’m wrong. Have you ever talked shit about Bill Clinton on Snapchat? Tell me in the comments.


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Eve Peyser was the night editor at Gizmodo.

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