Bill Gates Gives Smart Cards to 500 Hookers

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Bill Gates, who recently announced his phased departure from Microsoft, said that one of the things he plans to do after leaving is to focus on his charity organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Now it seems that 500 Indian prostitutes can thank Gates for all his charity with reports that a project under the foundation's auspices recently gave them free smart cards. The smart cards, which are embedded with chips, will let the prostitutes from the city of Mysore (insert STD-related joke here) receive discounts in hotels and shops as well as earn "loyalty points," which can later be exchanged for more discounts. Isn't charity great?

It's not all free candy and soda pop for Mysore's ladies, however, given that the smart cards will hold their medical history. Obviously, the idea here is to encourage the prostitutes to get checked for sexually transmitted diseases more often. The smart cards will interact with an Indian computer known as a Simputer, letting doctors easily look up the prostitutes' medical data.


See, Bill Gates isn't evil—he's trying to make the world safe for everybody, one prostitute at a time.

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