Bio Computer-On-A-Stick

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Bionopoly, known to some for its fingerprint readers and to others for its goofy name, has announced the launch of what they claim is the first USB drive with built-in biometric authentication—although to my knowledge that highly specialized claim probably belongs to Project BlackDog. Bionopoly's "Bio Computer-On-A-Stick" goes a bit farther than the typical USB drive, in that it has its own operating system and software suite ready for use on any host machine. Furthermore, it is on a stick. Not so much a literal stick as a metaphorical one. It uses the power of biology to fight crime on the mean streets, accompanied by its trusty pretend stick.

See the link below to the IBM SoulPad project for more on why this class of device is interesting.


Bionopoly claims world s first Bootable Flash Drive with Biometrics [MobileMag]
SoulPad [IBM]
Project BlackDog [Product Page]

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