Biometrics Lunches for the Kiddos

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Kids in Rome, Ga will be using their fingers in other ways than just picking their noses. The local schools will be installing a biometric fingerprint scanning system that allows students to pay for school lunches. Their previous system involved kids punching in their identification number—this system was slow and full of errors. City administrators are saying that the new system will speed up lunch lines.

Some of the conservative, paranoid parents are expressing concerns. Even though the finger-print scanning is optional for students, the alternative methods aren't being articulated to the children, according to one parent. I guess the only downside to this system is if a bully wants to steal a kid's milk money, it will involve the slicing off of a finger. Ouch.

It's a damn fingerprint scan, it's not like the school officials are implanting RFID chips into the kids (that's next year).


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