BitTorrent Plugin Detects ISPs Raping Your Torrents

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Vuze/Azureus actually operates a legit video delivery business using torrent, so they've been among the most vocal opponents of ISPs throttling torrents. To help build their case and create a detailed log of every ISP that scrambles torrents, along with their particular poison—short-circuiting uploads or general bandwidth caps, for instance—they've released a plug-in for their BitTorrent client that detects ISP torrent sabotage. On your end, it keeps track of interrupted connections and lets you know if your ISP is hosing you, and you can share the results with Azureus, if you'd like. They've already got a wiki going of the worst torrent ISPs, with Cablevision, RCN and Adelphia pulling the same tactics as Comcast. [Torrentfreak via DSL Reports]




@lafond66: So does mine. Often I've had large multi-GB files coming in at over 200kb/s with no problem. It's great.