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They're Not Even Hiding It Anymore

DC Comics just tweeted a massive spoiler about Black Adam—but does anyone still care?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Black Adam in a hood on set of the film
It’s time to yell “action” on Black Adam, who will be meeting more than a few new friends.
Image: Warner Bros.

If the companies behind a product no longer care about ruining something for an audience, why should you? Today, mere hours before the release of Black Adam, the official DC Comics Twitter account posted a cute little animation. One that, well—we aren’t going to be assholes and spoil it without warning, so if you want to be spoiler free, stop reading here. Just know that DC is not being cautious or subtle.

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The animation is of a text chain with Black Adam and Superman. But it’s not focused on any kind of comic book iteration. It’s a promotion for the movie. Now, one would imagine if the official DC account is suggesting Superman is in Black Adam, that’s about as official as you can get outside of seeing it with your very own eyes. Check it.


Having seen the movie, I will say that the text exchange is... how I do put this?... more than a little familiar. There may even be a direct quote in there. And if there’s a direct quote in there it seems likely that, you guessed it, Superman is in Black Adam, played by Henry Cavill And DC has no problem letting you know.

We’ll have much, much more on the scene Friday when the film is in theaters— including how it happened, what it means for the future, and even an exclusive quote about the fact John Williams’ Superman theme is used in the scene, not Hans Zimmer’s music from Man of Steel. Black Adam is in theaters tonight.

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