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Black Eyed Peas: Joints and Jams

In case you didn't know, Buzzfeed's new tech site FWD is powered by a pair of evil and horrible trolls with ginger hair and no souls. Today, those evil and horrible trolls tried to take down our own Mat Honan over his tastes in music; particularly Cher and the Black Eyed Peas. While it's tough for me to defend listening to Cher (unless you're on multiple drugs and varieties of alcohol), listening to the Black Eyed Peas is ALWAYS defensible.


Once upon a time, there was no Fergie in the BEP. Humps and Lady Lumps had yet to enter our consciousness. There were no abhorrent albums full of lifeless songs in which squandered his immeasurable talents. The Black Eyed Peas simply used to be a trio of quirky b-boys from LA who made some left-field hip-hop smack dab in the middle of rap's ice age. "Joints and Jams" best summarizes that era of the Black Eyed Peas and makes me wish we could go back.

To the evil and horrible trolls at FWD, Mat was listening to the good stuff from BEP. I'm right, Mat, aren't I?

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In latin america we have a band called Belanova (Mexico). It's first and second albums were great, the first one being one of the greatest electronic chillout-pop albums I've heard ("Cocktail"), the second one more pop, but still having their electronic sensibilities.

Then they got famous and started producing pop albums so mellow, even swedish teenage pop bands would be annoyed...

And thanks to the link of the sample, I do care about those things!