Black Label Society: Concrete Jungle

What is is about iconic cities that make people want to destroy them? Whether it's Godzilla curb stomping San Francisco or Tetsuo reintegrating Neo-Tokyo or giant tentacle monsters molesting the Brooklyn Bridge, our popular culture is completely enthralled with the destruction of our most famous monuments.

Why is that? Is it the same instinctive impetus that incites kids to demolish their sand castles or is it the result of a more fundamental rebellion against the status quo? The latter seems more likely given rock and roll's well-documented rebellion against all things "The Man"—both physically and figuratively.


As Black Label Society's animated music video Concrete Jungle illustrates—with clear references to GnR's earlier "Welcome to the Jungle" as well as bearing influences from Zakk Wilde's time strumming for Ozzy Osbourne—no monument can be considered safe when you find yourself trapped in an urban hellscape. [iTunes - Spotify]

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