BlackBerry Bold Hits Rogers in Just Two Days: Aug. 21

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RIM, why have you forsaken us? With no date or price yet for the US, Rogers has just confirmed that the BlackBerry Bold will launch in RIM's backyard on Thursday. They didn't release pricing info, but a leaked flyer on Friday that looked pretty damn legit pegged it at $399. Since it's launching 'round the world by the end of this week, odds are we'll be getting US launch details soonish. [Reuters]



crackberry said that rogers might go with "$650 with a 3 year contract" pricing. i love canadians, but you guys have some abusive cell phone providers, man.

i just got an 8830 world edition last week for liek 200 dollars on a 2 year contract...neither camera nor wifi, but other than that it's an amazing device. and the price blows away anything in mr. rogers' neighborhood.

and @steaky: yeah the iPhone wins in that department, although the blackberry is surprisingly nice for music. the media player is easy to use, searching for one specific song is much easer than on the iPhone, and.....ehh, the built in browser sucks, and there's something about opera mini that i can't fall in love with, so you're right.