BlackBerry Bold Unboxed with Barely Controlled Enthusiasm

CrackBerry has a video unboxing of the BlackBerry Bold from Rogers, showing it side-by-side with other BlackBerry phones as well as the King iPhone. No real surprises here, as the Bold hasn't changed since our hands-on, but it's always nice to see a shiny new gadget emerge from its cardboard home. [Crackberry]



Nice piece of kit!!!! I like how he un-boxes, no f-ing around. I do, doubt he "BOUGHT" all those skins, but I wish everyone would unbox like this!!! people spend WAAAAAYYYY too much time on talking about the packaging etc.

And quit already with the iPhone is better, and blah blah blah. I have an iPhone yes, but this is still a beauty!!! It's personal preferences and an argument no one will ever win because of that! DUH!