Illustration for article titled BlackBerry PlayBook Going 3D With a Future Over-the-Air Update Planned

At BlackBerry's big conference today, they forced everyone to don 3D glasses and check out the 3D content that the Astonishing Tribe guys (remember them?) have created for their PlayBook tablet. I know, I know, here you were thinking BlackBerry had all but nixed the 3D ride.


3D widgets, games and even a—wait for it!—3D Rubik's cube were shown off in the demo, which saw the PlayBook attached by HDMI to a TV. Presumably when the relevant update gets sent through to PlayBooks, owners of the tablet will be able to fiddle with their very own Rubik's cube on the TV while wearing 3D glasses. I mean, really, who needs MotorStorm: 3D Rift or Crysis 2 with that Rubik's cube on offer? [TechRadar]

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