BlackBerry Thunder Coming To Verizon On October 13?

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According to Boy Genius Report sources, the BlackBerry Thunder looks set to hit Verizon on October 13 as the BB9530. The tipster also sent an inventory list from Verizon, which seems to confirm the model number for BlackBerry's first touchscreen offering. This seems to fall in line with earlier release rumors for the Thunder, but we'll see as we get closer to October. [Boy Genius Report]


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I have a feeling this first Blackberry entry into the touch phone arena will disappoint those who are expecting an iPhone experience. I think it will be a good overall phone, certainly much better than the other Verizon touch phone offerings, but this phone will come with BB OS 4.7, which is a standard Blackberry OS gussied up with new graphics and a touch interface. There's no way that will compare favorably to an OSX-based interface designed from scratch for a touch phone. And what about third party apps? I can't imagine anything out there for the Blackberry will be compatible with the Thunder out of the gate.

Not to say the Thunder is a bad choice, but don't expect the UI to be as good as the iPhone.