Blogging Robot to Kill, Take Jobs of Human Giz Writers

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Well, I've had a good run, but it seems that my days as a blogger are numbered. Like the manufacturers that came before me and the masseuses that will come after, my work will soon be done by a robot. After all, robots don't get distracted by YouTube/porn, report old products as new, or hold biases against certain companies. But can they write amazing zingers like me? Can they?! God, I sure hope not.


If NEC's PaPeRo has anything remotely like a sense of humor, I'm totally screwed. It can blog for its master by listening to what you tell it, searching the web for related multimedia content, and composing a post all on its own and putting it online. I'm scared; I need to go dick around on YouTube or maybe rush a post out without proofreading it, that'll make me feel better.

Product Page [via Digital World Tokyo]


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I actually visited nec in Tokyo end of 1999, they demoed the R100 at that time, you could still see the visual studio debugger running at that time. It still doesn't do anymore now then it did then.

After the demo we went to a meeting room to ask questions. So I asked why are you building this, what is your business plan? Answer: blank stare..

So I guess it's ok over there just to dick around and build robots as long as they are cute and can look for pron on the internet...