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Blogging Robot to Kill, Take Jobs of Human Giz Writers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Well, I've had a good run, but it seems that my days as a blogger are numbered. Like the manufacturers that came before me and the masseuses that will come after, my work will soon be done by a robot. After all, robots don't get distracted by YouTube/porn, report old products as new, or hold biases against certain companies. But can they write amazing zingers like me? Can they?! God, I sure hope not.

If NEC's PaPeRo has anything remotely like a sense of humor, I'm totally screwed. It can blog for its master by listening to what you tell it, searching the web for related multimedia content, and composing a post all on its own and putting it online. I'm scared; I need to go dick around on YouTube or maybe rush a post out without proofreading it, that'll make me feel better.


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