Bloom BeautyTrends: You Can At Least Try To Style Your Hair Like Beyonce's

I was in a wedding a few months ago, and I admit I used Pinterest to decide how to do my hair. But there's a whole lot of crap mixed into the online DIY purgatory. Enter Bloom Beauty Trends, an app that takes everything style and beauty and puts it into its own app.

What does it do?

Gives you beauty, makeup, hair, skincare tips with big photos and easy instructions.


Why do we like it?

If you really want to recreate a look you saw on a celebrity or you want to know how to do your hair in a certain way, you can probably find how to do that here. You don't have to join to browse, but you do if you want to add your own pictures and make a "lookbook." Hey, you'll never be Beyonce, but at least an app can help you try to mimic her style.

Bloom BeautyTrends

Download this app for:

The Best:

Easy instructions

The Worst:

Photo uploading crashes frequently


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