Bloomberg: HTC Is Working on an Action Camera

Illustration for article titled Bloomberg: HTC Is Working on an Action Camera

Bloomberg is reporting that HTC is planning to take a small break from churning out phones and create something different instead: a GoPro-challenging action camera.


The news wire claims that the new camera will feature "an ultra wide-angle lens" along with a 16 megapixel sensor. It reports that the device will be tube-shaped, pack both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and will automatically connect to Android and iOS devices, too.

That's about it in terms of specs, according to Bloomberg. But it does go on to suggest that the action camera will be announced, along with a "new smartphone optimized for self-portrait photography" at a press event due to be held in New York on October 8th.

How much truth there is in the rumor remains to be seen—but if it's accurate, it sounds like HTC might be stating to consider photography as important as Nokia did. [Bloomberg]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

As I was watching some of those Russian dash cam videos, I thought it would actually be cool to use a smartphone as a dashcam while it's sitting in a mount/dock by your windshield. Maybe some software that automatically continues recording in the background of your Maps app or whatever you are using your phone for in the mount.