Bloomberg: iTunes Creator Now Building Mythological Apple HDTV

Illustration for article titled Bloomberg: iTunes Creator Now Building Mythological Apple HDTV

The oft-dreamed about Apple TV (as in a real one, not a little box), is not only actually happening, says Bloomberg, but has Jeff Robbin, the man behind iTunes and the design of the iPod at its helm.


Spurred by nuggets from the recently released Steve Jobs biography, in which he's quoted as saying Apple had "finally cracked" how to build a full (smart) television, people are starting to believe in the set's eventual existence. Of course, Bloomberg's sources are the usual anonymous bunch, but after reading the words straight from Jobs' mouth, there's a hell of a lot less reason to doubt this now. And with an interface powerhouse like Robbin in charge, we ought to believe the Apple HDTV could be as magical to use in the living room as Jobs claimed in private. [Bloomberg]


Its a freaking TV. How smart do these things need to be? I have a 47 inch Vizio LED TV with apps. And those are great! I stream netflix, Hulu Plus, Blockbuster, Amazon, and web videos to my TV. I also have apps for news, sports, weather and stocks. That TV is plenty smart enough with a nice platform that would allow for many great new apps as long as developers keep making them. Now really... What good would a smart TV do for a person?