Blue Blood 360 Controller Modkit Looks Surprisingly Tasteful

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For $30, console mod company XCM will sell you this Blue Blood Xbox 360 controller kit. It includes a new blue shell and D-pad along with a series of glowing LED buttons. Can techno-kitsch be beautiful? Apparently. [TotalConsole via technabob]



I have one of these in chrome. I got it and put the whole thing together last week. If you've never taken a 360 controller apart, figure it's going to take you a while. The worst part for me was getting the triggers out to swap with the translucent ones in the kit, past that, soldering, then lining up everything correctly.

Here's how it works. In the box you get 4 things-

top half of controller shell

bottom half of controller shell

2 triggers

You pull your old controller apart, toss the shell and triggers, and reassemble. Buttons come with the new shell because of the way they're lighted. There is also a button at the top of the controller near the 'connect' button that turns the lights on/off (they time out after 5 minutes or so though of being on)

There are 3 solder connections you have to make to get the LEDS to work. Not real hard to get to, but if you're new to soldering you're going to cry.

Final product is very nice looking, lights are cool. The best part by far is that you use the stock circuit board with the kit, so your sticks and d-pad are exactly the same. Triggers are the same size as well, so no change there. So far I'm very happy with my controller.