BlueQ: Skinnable Bluetooth Wristband

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The BlueQ is a vibrating Bluetooth wristband. Made for those times that you have a phone stowed away in your purse or backpack, the wristband vibrates with incoming calls—which works for about 30 hours on standby.


But the more interesting feature is that the wristband can accept user-created Qskins.

Using the company's online template, customers can upload their photos of choice to be printed on specially packaged Qskin paper. Sure, it's a total novelty. But in a time when white, silver and black are still at the height of electronic fashion, we applaud a company that's focused on offering a product that can be skinned without the help of third parties.


While there is no word on pricing yet, we hope that the BlueQ is priced cheaply with plenty of free Qskins thrown in. Look for them at retailers soon.

Product Page [BlueQ]

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I guess if you print a watch on the Qskin you could make it look like a watch, and even though the dials on the watch (or digital numbers) dont move the watch is right twice a day.

Unless you put the secret elevtyhundredth hour that you dont know about, then youd be screwed.