Bomb Victim Fitted With Cyborg Arm That Fuses With Her Own Skin and Bone

Illustration for article titled Bomb Victim Fitted With Cyborg Arm That Fuses With Her Own Skin and Bone

Kira Mason, a victim of the London bombing attacks in July of 2005 has been fitted with a cyborg arm that fuses with her own skin and bone. The procedure has been called "a breakthrough."


Doctors were able to fuse a titanium alloy rod to her bone and the skin healed naturally around it—creating a protective seal. "The technique, intraosseous transcutaneous amputation prosthesis, or Itap, is based on reindeer antlers, which naturally grow through the skin without any problems." This prevents infection and eliminates the need for traditional strap and socket prosthesis. Battery-powered sensors allow her to control the movement of her hand by flexing muscles in her upper arm.

Yeah, its a bit creepy sounding—but it is also remarkable. This kind of technology could greatly improve the lives of people who rely on prosthetic limbs. [BBC and Daily Mail via Boing Boing Gadgets]



This isn't anything new: Per-Ingvar Branemark and his son Rickard have been using osseointergration techniquies for prosthetics since the 1990s. Per-Ingvar has been a pioneer in this field, so to see no mention of his name is surprising.

Well over 100 amputees (upper and lower limb) have been fitted with osseointergrated prostheses, so this procedure is hard considered "breakthrough", just PR crap.