Bono Is Going to Make a "Spectacular" BlackBerry (or Something)

Why did Bono abandon Apple, given their shared vision of beautiful things for beautiful people, for BlackBerry? It's because, Bono says, "RIM is going to give us what Apple wouldn't—access to their labs." Dear God.


He says that with RIM's labs and people "we can do something really spectacular." When asked if this means we can look forward to a special U2 app—perhaps in the App World!—Bono replied, "You're not far off."

Man, a custom Bono-loaded BlackBerry would not be spectacular. Not at all. Even if it was a Product REDBerry that saved lives or whatever. A John Mayer BlackBerry, however, that I could get behind. Even if was just a regular BlackBerry that he had merely brushed past with his soft, milky skin. [Globe and Mail via BGR]

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