Illustration for article titled Books Are Cooler Than Cigarettes, and This Vending Machine Knows It

As the saying goes, the only thing more addictive than nicotine is a good book. Well if they're not saying it yet they will be soon, now that a German publisher is repurposing cigarette machines as book machines.


The delicious-sounding German publisher Hamburger Automatenverlag is behind the project, stocking old cigarette automats in the area surrounding the University of Hamburg with books, graphic novels, travel guides and collections of poetry. All of the texts are original works by local Hamburg authors and will cost 4 euro.

This is very cool, because cigarettes are gross and books are great. And if you're lurking around the book-vending machine at night, looking to make some conversation, you don't even have to come up with a different ice-breaker than, "Got a light?" [Publishing Perspectives via Geekosystem]

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