Illustration for article titled Border Agents May Soon Need Court Order to Give Your Laptop a Cavity Search

Our constant reportage that border agents can snatch and frisk your laptop for basically no reason at all seems to have worked. The sighing, sweaty "feh" of nerds and barks of disapproval from hardcore business travelers, both unhappy at the thought of some macho dickhole agent tooling around in their notebook, seem to have trickled up to Congress, resulting in the Travelers' Privacy Protection Act. The Act would require a court order to hold a notebook for more than a day, as well as limit when the government can keep, or god forbid, share your life's work of Star Trek slash fiction. Unfortunately, with Congress about to close up for the year, there's not too much of a shot this'll weave through the necessary goalposts to pass, so you'll want to continue leaving the most horrifying aspects of your imagination, line of work or sexual proclivities at home, at least until next year, when the bill is expected to come back at full strength. [Danger Room]


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