Bose Finally De-Uglied Its On-Ear Headphones

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Watch out Dre, 50-Cent's not your only competition. Soon you might not be buying Bose's on-ear headphones just because they're the cheapest one's the company has to offer—the new Bose OE2 headphones have a refreshed street-ready design.


The most noticeable difference between the Bose OE2 headphones and their predecessors is the stylish new design, which is available in both black and white. Bose definitely took a page from the success of Beats by Dre and spruced up the cans to be hip-looking and noticeable on the subway. The new design is also slimmer and lighter so the headphones should be more comfortable on the street, too. But don't expect these cans to have the Beats' deafening bass-response since the OE2's are packed with standard Bose sound. The new Bose on-ear headphones come in two versions—OE2 and OE2i—the only difference being the the inline microphone and inline remote and microphone compatible with Apple products. At $150 and $180 respectively, they're priced competitively with their chic competition. [Bose]



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