Boten Anna, the spam-killer!

This week, the traffic on the Space subsite grew enough to attract our first spam-comment since I started as writer/editor. To commemorate the rise in traffic that attacked spammers, here's a Euro-pop flashback praising artificial intelligence and spam-fighting.

Boten Anna is a song by Basshunter about an anti-spam comment-moderator bot. The chorus translates as:

I know a cure,
her name is Anna, Anna is her name
And she can ban, ban you so hard
She cleans up in our channel
I wanna tell you, that I know a cure

while my favourite verse brags,

The bot that no one else can beat
And she kicks even if she shouldn't
She gets rid of everyone that spams
Yes, nothing can beat our cure


A later verse even echoes the plot of Her, revealing that the tireless Anna is a beautiful girl who sometimes needs a day off. It even works pretty well as a commentary on the self-assembling conversations happening in the highlights threads, where totally unrelated comments are talking to each other.

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