BoxyTunes Turns Dropbox into a Cloud Music Player for iPhone and iPad


There seems to be no lack of options for cloud music players on Android these days, but what about your neglected iPhone? If you have a Dropbox account and use it to store music and podcasts, BoxyTunes makes it easy to grab those audio files on the go.

BoxyTunes syncs up with your Dropbox account and lets you download music stored inside for playback on your iPhone or iPad. Is that it? Yeah, pretty much. It does play every format iOS supports, works in the background, has AirPlay support, and has a quick rewind button for replaying the song you're listening to if you decide you want to hear it again (I think this button was made for me). What does it not do? Multiple playlists, which solidifies its position as a secondary music player. It's not going to replace the iPod app. [Lifehacker]

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I've seen a lot of cloud based buzz lately for mobile devices, but at the same time, there is a move by wireless carriers to get people off their unlimited plans and into tiered data. Am I the only one who thinks that cloud based services would take off only if people had unlimited data? I have unlimited only on the iPhone, because AT&T dropped it on the iPad very soon after it was announced, and in fact it was a major reason for me purchasing the original iPad. However, after dropping the ability to toggle unlimited data monthly, I was forced to choose to pay every month for unlimited or pay 25 bucks for the odd month that I actually need it. Of course I chose the latter.

With streaming music services, plenty of music stored on my mobile devices, and no need for cloud based services, I find my dropbox account to be just like my evernote account - just some documents that I may want to take with me on all my platforms. This is just my opinion, I'm sure that there will be people who find the cloud to be the next big thing for their music storage and playback, it's just not my cup of tea.