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Brace For Impact! A Turbulent Video Compilation

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Everybody loves a crazy ship-shaking moment. Whether your starship is entering a temporal anomaly or your battlestar has taken multiple hits from Cylon missiles, there's just something awesome about watching people bounce — or fly — around the bridge of their spaceships. Here's our compilation of the greatest moments of space turbulence, to the tune of "Shake Me Up" by Enneri Blaka. Note: I had to split the video into two segments. Part two is below the fold.

The things we learned from making this video: Star Trek is the undisputed ruler of the spaceship turbulence world. There's not even any competition. You know you're watching Star Trek if people are being flung around like socks in a dryer. Also, you can always tell if there's about to be turbulence, because Brent Spiner starts his lunge a moment early. And good unstable-spaceship acting starts from the pelvis, like a rhumba, and then works its way up to your shoulders and arms. Thanks to Lauren Davis for research help.