Brand-new panorama images reveal the full majesty of the Martian horizon for the first time

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Check out this breathtaking new panoramic image that was stitched together by Stuart Atkinson from photos received by NASA just yesterday. The images were taken by the Curiosity rover which is currently romping around the Gale Crater on Mars. The misty hills in the background are unlike anything we've ever seen before — placing us right there with Curiosity on the Red Planet. Click here for the full panoramic image.

The image above was compiled by Emily Lakdawalla, who notes that the composite was put together from pictures taken by Curiosity nearly two weeks ago. It's a mosaic of three Mastcam-100 images taken on sol 51 facing southeast.


Because Curiosity is in a crater, the hills in the background are very likely the outer rim. The murkiness of the panoramas give them a kind of added realism and a total sense of presence. Thanks to Atkinson and Lakdawalla for putting these together — now we know what it's like to stand in a crater on Mars.

Images: NASA / JPL / MSSS / Stuart Atkinson & NASA / JPL / MSSS / Emily Lakdawalla.