Brando's Randomized Design Formula Once Again Approaches High Art

Hong Kong's premier spare parts crossbreeder has a mixed record, but occasionally does something so inconceivably strange and impractical that you begin to think you're missing some great, hidden genius. Example! The power strip with a SIM card.


I'll let Brando's stream-of-consciousness pitch speak for itself:

It's not ONLY a Normal Power Extension Bar, Slot your Sim Card and works as a Spy Ear! Slot the Sim Card inside this Power Extension Socket place it under the table and start your spy work! It is a Real Power Extension Bar support with 8 sockets. Also, the device can be recharged, it can still work for spy ear even not attach to the power outlet. You can place it ANYWHERE without notice by others!!

$66. [Brando vie Redferret]

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