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BREAKING: Tamagotchi Still Exists, Has Evolved Color

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Undoubtedly reopening the emotional wounds of millions of bereaved Millennials across the world, Tamagotchi has come back from the dead (they always do!) with a familiar line of life support simulators. This time, though, they come in color, presumably to make the short, hungry, futile lives of those unfortunate little mutants that much more real to impressionable children. It remains to be seen if, 12 years later, today's young children, many of whom already (and inexplicably) have a cell phone and/or iPod, will take to the 'Gotch. Japan only for now, but if and when they arrive in the US expect a price of around $50. Enjoy some exciting, action-packed screenshots after the jump. [UberGizmo via Inventorspot]