Breast Washer Right Here! Get Your Breast Washer!

Illustration for article titled Breast Washer Right Here! Get Your Breast Washer!

This is, apparently, a machine for massaging and/or washing breasts. And also possible proof that SkyMall started as a 1930s catalog of erotic housewares.


Imagine being the model for this uncomfortable picture, which came from a French ad from the 1930s. How effective could this ad have possibly been? Because if you bought a boob dome/water massage device you are gullible or maybe you're just a little freaky. But it wasn't even an uncommon product—here are two other weirdo ads for the things. Generally a standard shower can get the job done just fine, but maybe there are extreme cases. Also, just to note that the Depression was going on in the 30s and most people were probably wishing for bread money not titty cleaners. [BoingBoing]


Why not, they've had ball washers for a long time...whoops wrong balls...