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While there are some people who just cant get earbuds to fit, those with really large ear canals might benefit from Breppies—or what are essentially earbud socks.

Oh, I know what you're thinking, but Breppies are a real product, standing for Bud Replacement Ear Protection Provisioning System. (We realize that spells "Brepps," but we didn't engineer the acronym.) The fabric sock slides over your earbuds to soften the feel, fix fit and absorb sweat. And all that seems great, but it's hard to believe that they do nothing to block sound.


Right now, it looks like you can only order a "free" pair of Breppies (for $1.95 shipping and handling). Sure, it's completely evil product spam, but I'm betting someone out there suffers chaffed ears and stinky headphones. And maybe, just maybe, they are reading this post right now. [Breppies]

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