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This conceptual design is the work of Chinese company, Togo. It is a device that can scan text in books, magazine, etc and instantly turn it into Braille to be read by the individual. It can also save the Braille-converted text for future reading (and pirating at the library).

The braille screen works with electromagnetic or piezoelectric principles. When the current or voltage goes through every array of six stitches, the resulting rise and decline gives birth to braille. The product scans the original printed matter, then translates the images into analog electrical signals with an optical-to-electrical transducer. Finally, it translates the analog electrical signal into a digital signal.


That is one hell of a device, if it ever actually comes out. Now if only we could replicate the feeling of looking at a good porno magazine for the blind...

blind reader-translate letter to Braille - "bridge" [Via SCI FI, Yanko]

P.S. Welcome back, YankoDesign. Yanko is a favorite design blog of mine that had been on hiatus for a couple months, but is now back in full force.

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