Brightonnet Cylindrical Active Speaker: Pretty, But No Boomtube

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Take an aluminum pipe, stuff a tiny 2.2-watt amp and a couple of speakers inside and you have a cylindrical active speaker from Brightonnet Japan that works with just about any iPod. The speaker draws power from a PC's USB port or runs on a quartet of AAA batteries, and is pleasingly portable at just 7 inches long, weighing in at a light six ounces.


These little portable speakers, available December 11 for $26, remind us of the Boomtube speakers that have proven themselves invaluable in our adventurous outdoor jaunts in warmer climates, but then those lightweight yet cradle-rocking 40-watt babies cost $155. They're not nearly as pretty as these, but who cares; it's the sound that counts, and you get what you pay for. Usually.

Brightonnet Tube Speaker for iPod [FarEastGizmos]

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I don't understand why people complain about cheap tiny speakers. You could fit that thing inside a Pringles can with room to spare and for less than $100 there's no room to spend on components or R&D for good quality sound.

It's like laptop speakers, they are just there to make noise, if you want anything decent use good headphones. For this price and size you'll get the sound quality of an alarm clock, nothing more.

It's the thing you can glue to your desk at work to use as basic sound at low volumes, nobody is going to film a 50 cent video with these playing for the dancers to dance to. At least they look better and easier to manage than two seperate tiny square speakers if you're going to take them with you.

Hint: If any speakers are or can be battery powered, set your expectations low. I don't mean just low, I mean a blind date at a bowling alley low. You're better off for the space and price, getting a pair of Sony over-the-ear headphones or $100 or more earbuds.