Brilliantly Compact Foosball Tables Made From Airplane Food Trolleys

After spending the vast majority of your college years mastering foosball in the lounge, life as a young professional can be difficult when you realize your cramped apartment barely has room for a bed, let alone a foosball table. The folks at Bordbar can help, though. They turn old food and bar trolleys from airliners into custom pieces of furniture, including this splendid compact foosball table that can be easily wheeled anywhere.

The cart's $2,100 price tag might mean you'll have to skip your fancy Ramen noodle dinners for at least half a year, or spend every evening hustling your friends and co-workers to pay off the invoice. But once table soccer becomes an official Olympic event, the sacrifice will definitely be worth it. Also, how awesome would it be if planes actually had trolleys like this? A foosball tournament would be a much more enjoyable way to spend a flight than Everybody Loves Raymond reruns. [Bordbar via Fancy]


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