Brooklyn Hospitality Angers Bay Area Camera Buyer OR A Canon Christmas Story

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Thomas Hawk picked himself up a nice Canon EOS 5D from an online store called PriceRitePhoto, the Yahoo! web store of one Steve Phillips, Brooklyn attorney/camera buff/web maven/easily angered individual (EAI). Strangely enough, the camera wasn't shipping and when Mr. Hawk contacted the store, he entered a Kafka-esque—actually it was more like WWE-esque—hell as the company's representatives, Phillips included, proceeded to 1) upsell like a mofo 2) tell him he was SOL 3) inform him that he was a gimpy grandma-raper and should be buying on the web anyway.

Now, we all love online shopping. How else can we get our V1Agrea and Spceil Offrs for Add1ng value to our Domicile, ga? However, this looks like a case of someone who is in over his head. This holiday, stick to the big guys and try to avoid the little fellas out in deepest Brighton Beach. Happy holidays!